Do you have time to take a full training course? Can you afford to have an employee be away for 3 to 5 whole days? Do you need just the necessary training to troubleshoot and maintain your own machine?

We can offer flexible training options to suit your needs.

We can do informal traning, where we can cover only what is necessary for you to know. We can also do voice and screen sharing from the comfort of your own home or office.

Our primary expertise is in:

Siemens S5, STEP5

Siemens S7, STEP7

Siemens TI500 / TI505, TISOFT, 505 Workshop

Rockwell Allen-Bradley RSLogix 500, RSLogix 5000

... and more

More services

  • You can have 20 years’ experience in automation to support your PLC programming needs. 
  • We can create, customize or convert your project. The software vendor can be chosen by us or you.
  • We have developed Excel reporting with selectable parameters for production data, alarms, password entry tracking, etc.
  • We can offer technical support for hardware, software and programming assistance.

Contact us for your customized training needs.