SQL Databases

The automation systems of old had people walking around with clipboards, recording process information, and entering machine parameters by hand. Now, larger production facilities need a shared location for data, independent of the type of software.

This is where you should consider our SQL database services.

Generally, there are 2 types of data required: historical data, and recipe data.
Historical data is data recorded either on at a timed interval or event trigger. It is usually recorded for production totals, or tracking values such as temperatures for quality or maintenance purposes.

Recipe data is data pertaining to the making of the products, specifically, what quantities of what ingredients are required, or what machine setting to use for a particular production run.

In all cases, the data is easily shared between the plant floor and the office using a database. We have developed methods to buffer historical data in the PLC in case of lost connection to the database. Also, to keep a local database on a production computer, while updating a central office server, and to update the production computer from the central office server.

We have also created customized Excel reporting systems, with print to file or paper.

More services

  • You can have 20 years’ experience in automation to support your PLC programming needs. 
  • Detailed alarm descriptions and remedies for personnel to react quickly and appropriately to problems.
  • We can do informal training, where we can cover only what is necessary for you to know.
  • If you’re having trouble getting started in your automation hardware and software selection, you’ve come to the right place to get you going.
  • When your machine is down and out, and all your plant specialists have gone home for the day, contact us! We will do our best to troubleshoot your machine.
  • We can offer technical support for hardware, software and programming assistance.

Please contact us for our SQL database and reporting services.