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Read and Write your Siemens EPROMs with us!

We have acquired a Siemens USB Prommer, so now we can offer you a service to read and write your Siemens EPROMS with us! We can read and write most SIMATIC S5 and SIMATIC S7 memory modules.

Why do I need to read or write my Siemens EPROM?

The Siemens S5 PLC Series (S5-90, S5-95U, S5-100U, S5-115U, S5-135U and S5-155U) have been declared mature products for over a decade now. Many times, your S5 CPU has an EPROM or EEPROM installed with the program stored on it. If your CPU fails and you do not have a replacement, you can read the program from the EPROM or EEPROM using a Siemens USB PROMMER. This will help get the critical backup you need to upgrade your S5 to a Siemens S7 Series PLC, or other vendor of your choice.

Other modules in the S5 Series PLC also have EPROM or EEPROM modules, such as the IM 308-C Profibus module. The Profibus Master and Slave parameters are all stored on the Memory Card, and if you have to add any devices to your network, you must use a Siemens Prommer and COM Profibus software to modify it. Again, if you wish to upgrade to a modern PLC, the information on the memory modules of the S5 specialty and communication modules will give you a better head start than starting a new configuration from the very beginning.

The Siemens S7-300 and S7-400 PLC families also use FLASH EPROMs for storing programs. Generally, it is possible to program these directly on the CPU, but only if you have enough work memory in the CPU to store the entire program. Many times there is not enough and you have to use the USB Prommer to write the PLC program to the FLASH memory. Also, upgrading older S7-300 and S7-400 CPU firmware must be done by programming a FLASH memory card with the firmware on it, then put it in the CPU to upgrade it.

The modern S7-300 PLCs use MMCs or Micro Memory Cards. These do not need the USB Prommer to program. You simply download to the CPU from STEP 7.

In both cases of the S5 and S7 PLCs, if you need to change a program that is stored on an EPROM or EEPROM (or memory card), you need a Prommer to do it, but this Prommer is an expensive device if you are only going to use it once or twice.

Contact us today for pricing, and details for reading or writing your S5 or S7 EPROM, EEPROM, Memory Card, or MMC (Micro Memory Card).

Please give the part# of the memory card, and the part# of the module the memory card is installed in.

A list of most memory modules that can be programmed by the USB Prommer can be found here:


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