Wago PLC & HMI to Rockwell Conversion


A Wago to Rockwell conversion was done for a client who received a machine with a Wago PLC/HMI controller, and they wanted it converted to a platform that they are familiar with.  It was decided to use Rockwell’s FT View SE and Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC.  The Wago software was written CoDeSys Structured Text, which was converted to RS Logix 5000 ladder logic.  The web-based HMI in the Wago controller was converted to FactoryTalk View SE.  All the work was completed remotely with staff onsite to monitor the machine and hardware.  The client also requested customization on the PLC and HMI aside from the 1-to-1 conversion.  Also equipment failures were identified and rectified through online monitoring.