Live PLC Data to Excel Using Python

Python + Pylogix: Get Live PLC Data to Excel Using Python instead of using RSLinx Classic Gateway with DDE.

A client had an application in which an array of 6000 structured tags were being updated live in an Excel document using RSLinx Classic Gateway with DDE functionality.  Rockwell has discontinued the RSLinx Classic Gateway Software (part# 9355-WABGWEND), but the client wanted an upgrade from their Windows XP operating system which was running RSView32, to Windows 10 using FactoryTalk View software.

The problem was that they needed a replacement for the data flow from the PLC via DDE to Excel for their application which was previously handled by RSLinx Classic Gateway.

The solution was to use Python with pylogix.  The application written in Python to transfer and view PLC data in an Excel document so that the operator could see the progress of the process, then save that data in the Excel document for archive purposes.  As each step of the process completed, a row of data was added to an opened Excel document.

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