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If you only have Quadriga backup files for your Siemens S5 PLC…

If you only have Quadriga software backup files for your Siemens S5 PLC, you can recover your S5 program by contacting us.

The list of program files for the Quadriga software that you most likely have are the following file extensions:

  • .BCF
  • .BK5
  • .PLC
  • .TEX
  • .URF
  • .UX0
  • .UX1
  • .XRF

What happened to the Quadriga software?

Quadriga is a software that was supplied by a company called Pantek in the UK. But their website points to another company now, and information about the Quadriga software is nowhere to be found. It is unknown whether you can even purchase this software or not.

What should I do next?

It is highly recommended to upgrade your S5 PLC to an S7 PLC (S7-1200 or S7-1500), or other PLC brand of your choice. We have experience with many brands – Siemens, Rockwell (Allen-Bradley), Omron, Mitsubishi, Schneider, and others. Send us your program and we can give you a quotation for conversion.

Now you know: if you only have Quadriga backup files for your Siemens S5 PLC, and the PLC has lost its program, there is a solution.

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