Hardware and Software Consultation

If you’re having trouble getting started in your automation hardware and software selection, you’ve come to the right place to get you going. If you’re at the beginning, in the middle, or just can’t get that last piece of the automation puzzle to complete your hardware or software layout, contact us - even if you have all your selections complete, and want a second opinion.

Many times, it is not known exactly which vendor or which model of hardware or software to choose. And we have seen where the selections made took too much time and effort to make it work. This is where before purchasing, at least a second look should be made to verify that the choices made are the best for the job, and that programming will not be overly difficult. Very often, choosing the lowest cost products can make for very costly and time-consuming efforts on the software development, yet choosing sleek, overpriced products are overkill.

More services

  • You can have 20 years’ experience in automation to support your PLC programming needs. 
  • We can create, customize or convert your project. The software vendor can be chosen by us or you.
  • We have developed Excel reporting with selectable parameters for production data, alarms, password entry tracking, etc.
  • We can do informal traning, where we can cover only what is necessary for you to know.

Please contact us if you need Hardware or Software Consultation