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Do you have FactIS HMI software? We can help upgrade.

If you have FactIS HMI software by Nu-Metrics in your plant, we can help upgrade. FactIS is a defunct software with no official support. If your software dongle key fails, you can be left without a solution for weeks as you wait for someone to re-develop the application in a completely new and different platform. You should choose the HMI (or SCADA) software you wish to convert to today and get the conversion process started. We have experience with Siemens WInCC, CitectSCADA, Indusoft, FactoryTalk View SE, and others – the choice is yours, or you can have us recommend a replacement for FactIS (Factory Information Systems). We can convert either from the DOS or Windows versions of FactIS.

Factis DOS menu
FactIS for DOS
Factis for Windows

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