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Extract the Runtime (RT) from a Siemens Prosave Backup

If you need to extract the runtime (RT) from a Siemens Prosave backup, you can contact us using the contact form below, send us an email, or give us a call.

Why would I want to extract the runtime from my Prosave backup?

Officially, you cannot extract any information from the Prosave backup – neither the original project file nor runtime file.  The runtime file extraction allows you to take the runtime file and run your HMI on a computer using Protool/Pro RT, WinCC flexible Advanced RT, or WinCC Advanced RT – depending on the version your HMI was developed with.  The HMIs in our list (see below) would have been developed with the following software:

Protool or Protool/Pro V5.2 or V6.0
WinCC flexible 2004, 2005, 2007 or 2008
WinCC (TIA Portal) Basic, Comfort or Advanced V11 and higher

What are the file extensions for a Siemens Prosave backup?

The file extensions for Prosave backups are .psb for legacy HMIs and .brf for Basic/Comfort panels (see lists below).  The file extension .psr is for non-Windows CE HMIs – unfortunately, these do not utilize runtime files.

What are the file extensions for a Siemens runtime file?

The file extension for Protool/Pro RT is .fwd, WinCC flexible Advanced is .fwx, and WinCC Advanced RT is .fwc.

What if I don’t have a Prosave backup?

You can find the download to the free Prosave utility which is used to make backup of your Siemens HMI at the link below:

For which HMIs is it possible to extract the runtime file from?

We have a way to extract the runtime file (RT) from a Prosave backup from Siemens Windows CE-based panels.  The following is a sample list of the models:

Legacy HMIs
TP170A & TP170B
TP177A & TP177B
OP270, TP270 & MP270
OP277, TP277 & MP277 (8″ and 10″, Touch and Keys)
MP370 (12″ and 15″, Touch and Keys)
MP377 (12″ and 15″, Touch and Keys)

Comfort HMIs
KP400 & KTP400
KP700 & TP700
KP900 & TP900
KP1200 & TP1200
KP1500 & TP1500
TP1900 & TP2200

Can I get the original Protool (.pdb), WinCC flexible (.hmi), or WinCC Basic/Comfort (.apxx) project from the Prosave backup?

No.  However, with the runtime (RT) file in conjunction with the PLC project, it is possible for us to reverse-engineer (to an extent) the original HMI project.

Is the result 100% guaranteed?

We have had a few cases where extraction was not possible for unknown reasons.  However there is no cost to you if the RT extraction cannot be done.  If we are successful, we will send you a screenshot(s) of a couple screens to show you our successful extraction.

What should I do next?

Send us your Prosave backup to see if we can extract the runtime (RT) file from your Prosave backup file.  If your HMI is not in the list above, send us your Prosave backup file anyway – we will notify you the possibilities for it.

Contact us for a free consultation for extracting the RT from your Prosave backup:

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