Cost-effective and high-quality solutions for your industrial process.

Industrial Automation Programming for PLC, HMI, SCADA

Why choose Contrologica?

We Are Flexible

We are a flexible system integrator, able to use flexible methods of creating or adapting your automation process. We are not limited to working during business hours or to specific brands of controls equipment.

Less Downtime

To an extent, we can program and test control programs and visualization in advance using simulation software, which limits the time required to implement on your real machine. This means less downtime and less cost for on-site service.

Remote Assistance

Your process can be monitored and modified remotely using remote tools such as Teamviewer and VPN routers. This means instead of the cost and waiting time for a person to arrive, we can get connected instantly and remedy issues.


PLC Programming

Need your controller programmed? Your legacy system modernized?

That’s where we come in.

You can have 20 years’ experience in automation to support your PLC programming needs. Whether with Siemens, Rockwell/Allen-Bradley, Omron, Schneider, Mitsubishi, and others, we offer solutions to your automation needs.

PLC Programming Brands Siemens-Rockwell-Allen-Bradley-Omron-Mitsubishi-Schneider-Electric-Hitachi-Control-Technology-IDEC


HMI Programming

These days, the HMI is more than pushbuttons and pilot lights. There is database (SQL) connectivity for recipes and data logging. And security, so only authorized persons can affect certain changes to the process. Also, accurate animation so it is clearly understood what exactly is happening in the controller. Detailed alarm descriptions and remedies for personnel to react quickly and appropriately to problems.


Emergency “Plantside” Assistance

You’ve heard of roadside assistance, how about Plantside Assistance? When your machine is down and out, and all your plant specialists have gone home for the day, and it’s outside the business hours of your normal channels of technical support, contact us!


Hardware Consultation

If you’re having trouble getting started in your automation hardware and software selection, you’ve come to the right place to get you going. If you’re at the beginning, in the middle, or just can’t get that last piece of the automation puzzle to complete your hardware or software layout, contact us - even if you have all your selections complete, and want a second opinion.

What we also do.



Do you have time to take a full training course? Can you afford to have an employee be away for 3 to 5 whole days? Do you need just the necessary training for your own machine? We can do informal traning, where we can cover only what is necessary for you to know. We can also do voice and screen sharing from the comfort of your own home or office.

Our clients’ industries





Machine Building

Food Processing


Non-Woven Manufacturing

and others...

You need us if:

  • You have a new machine that needs programming
  • You have an existing machine that needs additional or modified functions
  • Your system needs upgrading
  • You're in need of SQL integration
  • You're in need of technical assistance or training
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